Back Pain

Treatment Option

Medicine trials for 2-6 weeks (if not taken) Guarded exercise or physiotherapy (patient can continue or stop according to benefit) If no benefit with above two treatment modalities then following interventions are suggested

A. Facet Joint block / Neurolysis :
It is done under live Fluoroscope ( live X-ray ) guidance after anesthetizing skin only. Gives immediate nearly 50 % relief as it relieves muscle spasm & inflammation around joint of spine. Majority of patient have good pain relief in 10 - 15 days

B. Radio Frequency Procedures :
If at all there is recurrence of pain after some time , Radio Frequency ablation is useful to ablate pain signals coming from nerves of facet joint. Insulated Radio Frequency needle are placed along the nerve to stimulate them using live X-ray. Once the desired pain area is confirmed, radio frequency current is passed through the needle to block the pain signals without affecting sensation of nerves of lower limbs.

C. Sacroiliac Joint Neurolysis / Piriformis Neurolysis : This joint pain is common after fall / trauma. It is one of very important reason for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. After anesthetizing skin only needle is placed in this joint with help of Live X-ray. Dye is injected to confirm the needle position & medication delivered to reduce inflammation & muscle spasm. This pain is also common after pregnancy

D. Rami Communicants Block :
Commonly done for back pain, which is more with sitting, caused by mild slipped disc / disc bulge. Needle are placed with the help of live X-ray images projected on screen.


  • Prolonged sitting at one place
  • Jerky movement / weight lifting
  • History of Fall / Trauma
  • Advancing age
  • Inflammatory Spondylo Arthropathy
  • Symptoms

  • Posture change painful
  • Sitting / driving painful
  • Morning stiffness present
  • Standing from sitting painful
  • Local tenderness present
  • Some times cross leg sitting / sitting painful
  • Investigations

  • X-ray/ special X-rays
  • MRI Spine
  • Blood reports
  • Back Pain Dos and donts

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