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Treatment Option

Medicine trials for 2-6 weeks (if not taken) Guarded exercise or physiotherapy If no benefit with above 2 method than interventions are as follows

A. Facet Joint block / Neurolysis :
It is done under live Fluoroscope ( live X-ray ) guidance after anesthetizing skin only. Gives immediate nearly 50 % relief as it relieves muscle spasm & inflammation around joint of spine. Majority of patient have good pain relief in 15 days

B. Radio Frequency Procedures :
If at all there is recurrence of pain after some time , Radio Frequency ablation is useful to ablate pain signals from nerves of facet joint. Insulated Radio Frequency needle are placed along the nerve to stimulate them using live X-ray. Once the desired pain area is confirmed, radio frequency current is passed through the needle to block the pain signals without affecting sensation of nerves

C. Sacroiliac Joint Neurolysis / Piriformis Neurolysis : This joint pain is common after fall / trauma. Again one of very important reason for Failed Back Surgery Operation. After anaesthetizing skin only needle is placed in this joint with help of Live X-ray. Dye is injected to confirm the needle position & medication delivered to reduce inflammation & muscle spasm.

D. Rami Communicants Block :
Commonly done for back pain, which is more with sitting, caused by mild slipped disc / disc bulge. Needle are placed with the help of live X-ray images projected on screen.


  • Prolonged sitting at one place
  • Jerky movement / weight lifting
  • History of Fall / Trauma
  • Advancing age
  • Inflammatory Spondylo Arthropathy


  • Posture change painful
  • Sitting / driving painful
  • Morning stiffness present
  • Standing from sitting painful
  • Local tenderness present
  • Some times cross leg sitting / sitting painful


  • X-ray/ special X-rays
  • MRI Spine
  • Blood reports
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