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Any treatment for patient is decided after seeing patient & reports together. Success ratio of all Interventional procedure done at Pain Care Clinic is more than 70-80 % & operation can be avoided.

Only in Joint pain sittings are required 1 month apart , otherwise spine procedures or others procedures mostly 1 sitting is sufficient.

Yes, majority of procedure / treatment related to spine are covered under Insurance.

No, Joint related procedures does not require hospitalization. But spine related procedures/ interventions require observation of 2-6 hrs

Negligible / No side effects as all procedures are done after giving local anesthesia only.

Majority of patients have permanent pain relief but if in case there recurrence of pain we can repeat treatment.

At Pain Care Clinic , we don’t inject steroid in knee/ other joint. But in spine procedure sometimes we use steroid exactly on the target of pain ( without any side effect on other organs) after informing patient.

There is only minor needle pain anaesthetizing skin which goes away in few hours.

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