Sciatica Sciatica

Treatment Option

Medicine , Physiotherapy, Rest can be suggested for 6-8 weeks. If no benefit then following minimal Invasive Interventions are of choice. Any Intervention which will work best,can be decided after seeing patient & MRI together only.
Sciatica Treatment Ahmedabad

A. Transforaminal Neuroplasty :
In patient having slight disc prolapse this procedure is carried out in Operation Theatre with help of Live X-ray machine & after anaesthetizing skin only. Special Needle & medication is placed along the painful nerve or disc to reduce swelling & inflammation around nerve. It is day care procedure & can be done at any age.

B. Caudal Neuroplasty :
In patients having bilateral leg pain , tingling , numbness on walking / standing due to multi level disc prolapse, this procedure is performed. Here the tuohy needle is placed in Caudal Epidural space & the drug is delivered in continuous visualization of live X-ray machine. These reduces swelling , adhesion around nerves

C. Ozone Nucelolysis :
In patients having disc herniation( extruded ) special needle is placed inside the affected disc. Ozone gas is prepared from Germany based ozone generator & inserted through needle inside the disc. Ozone causes shrinkage of disc & reduces inflammation around nerve. This again does not require prolonged hospitalization & done without any incision or surgery

D. Endoscopic Discectomy :
In patients with one sided disc herniation small needle is placed inside the disc & with the help of needle, Endoscope is placed inside the affected disc . Seeing through endoscope bulged portion of disc is removed , this way the disc gets back the normal position. This is a key hole & advance procedure. Patients can go home on same day or next day.

Advantage of Endoscopic Discectomy over Conventional Spine Surgery

Short Hospital stay
No blood loss with use of RF Generator
Rapid Recovery & early mobilization
No stitches
No Anaesthesia related risk as it is done under local anaesthesia
Less post operative pain
Less risky & expansive then spine surgery as patient is fully conscious here


  • Forward Bending , Weight Lifting
  • Trauma , Infection
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Disc Prolpase or Disc Herniation


  • Walking, standing increases pain & relieved with rest
  • Associated with Tingling ( ant crawling sensation ),numbness in legs
  • Pain going from back to leg
  • Sensation loss along foot / leg
  • Upstairs, Downstairs increases Pain
  • Current like pain along leg & thigh

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