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Treatment Option

If no abnormality detected in MRI , medicine trial can be given for 1 month to 1 year. If there is recurrence of headache and intensity & frequency of headache increases following intervention are suggested.

A. Cervical Facet Joint median branch nerve block :
In this advanced procedure with the help of Live X-ray machine needle is placed along the joint of spine of neck from where the pain is originated & going up to head . This pain is more common at night or in morning. This procedure immediately gives nearly 50 % relief & within 8-10 days give 80 % pain relief. It is again day care procedure & patient can go home within few hours.

B. Occipital Nerve Block :
It is done at the back part of head to block the occipital nerve causing headache with the help of local anesthesia – It is an OPD based procedure.

C. Spheno Palatine Ganglion Block & RFTC :
At Pain Care Clinic Dr Palak Mehta has got special expertise in this procedure. It is done in operation theatre with help of live X-ray machine. Initially the needle is place behind nose into Sphenopalatine Ganglion when the headache is going on. After putting medicine patient have immediate relief in headache nearly 80 %. This gives long term pain relief as well confirms the source of headache . For long term benefit RFTC ( Radio Frequency Thermo Coagulation) is performed

D. Botox Injection :
Here special injection of Botulin Toxin is given at different points in muscle of head & neck to give long lasting relief.


  • Common in females
  • Aggravated with noise , inadequate sleep ,stressful environment , skipping meals, travelling, going in Sunlight
  • Reports are normal majority of time
  • Head injury


  • Throbbing , pulsatile headache or continuous dull aching headache
  • Some times Neck movements aggravates pain
  • Alternating headache common in Migraine
  • Initial good response to medicine later on poor response to medicine
  • Cluster headache is common in night lasts from 1 day to 7 day
  • Migraine headache is sometimes associated with Nausea & Vomiting


  • MRI Brain with Cervical Spine
  • Blood reports

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